Welcome to Battle Grove Elementary School

Battle Grove Elementary opened its doors on August 15, 1959. We proudly celebrated our 50th anniversary as a school community!

Battle Grove Elementary houses educational programs for three year olds to fifth grade. Additionally, we have the full spectrum of special education support which includes adaptive learning pull-out to full inclusion of students ages 3 to 10. Our extraordinarily committed staff to knows and understands the needs of each individual student and their families. This personal touch truly makes Battle Grove a special place for learning.

The administrators are committed to educational excellence for all children as they support educators in creating an engaging learning environment that encourages children to show the motivation necessary to achieve at high levels. Our school goals are designed to increase the overall level of children’s performance in reading and mathematics and we are extremely proud of the continuous gains our students make each year on the Maryland School Assessment.

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our School Improvement Team is comprised of teachers, administrators, and community members.  The team collaborated to create our mission, vision, and goals.

Baltimore County Public Schools’ graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their potential as responsible, productive citizens in a global economy and multicultural society.

The Baltimore County Public Schools mission is to provide a quality education that develops the content knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable all students to reach their maximum potential as responsible, life-long learners and productive citizens.


  • To improve achievement for all students
  • To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in every school
  • To use resources effectively and efficiently

Belief Statements

  • We believe that all students will learn and achieve.
  • We believe that improved student achievement requires families and communities to be partners in the educational process.
  • We believe that increased student achievement requires families to be responsible and accountable for their children’s education.
  • We believe that all schools will demonstrate adequate yearly progress.
  • We believe in respected the dignity and worth of every individual.
  • We believe that a quality education requires:
    • An effective, qualified teacher in every classroom
    • An effective, qualified principal focused on instruction
    • in every school
    • A challenging systemic curriculum
    • A results-oriented, data-driven focus based on
    • continuous growth
    • An assessment program focused on the measurement
    • of student growth
    • Shared accountability among teachers, principals, and
    • central office personnel
    • Early intervention for young children
  • We believe that every employee must model ethical behavior, exhibit a strong work ethic, and perform at high levels.
  • We believe that all Baltimore County Public Schools’ department and offices must demonstrate continuous improvement.
What's Happening
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